Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I'm A Great Wife.....

Terrible blogger, but great wife!

Remember in 2012 when Shelly got some tickets to the Masters from her ex-husband and Shelly and my hubby went?  They were there for the par 3 contest that Wednesday and then for the first two rounds.

Yeah, well, I think I topped that this year.  The par 3 contest and all four rounds.  I know, I know, "Alex, tickets to the Masters are impossible to get for one day, let alone four!"

Well, let's just say that your girl Alex still has some kick-ass connections in the business world, and those kick-ass connections have their own kick-ass connections.  I wanted to do it last year, but none of my kick-ass connections worked!

Well, they came through this year, and although they cost a pretty penny (in fact, my purse was crying after the transaction), it was worth it.  Hubby and Shell-Bell deserve a nice golf sexcation.

I could say hubby will be seeing a lot of this during the Masters, but the truth is that he sees quite a bit of this gorgeous girl all the time!  So do I!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Quick Post

Hubby took this....wow....12 years ago.  Time flies!  LOL

I was still traveling quite a bit back in those days, but when I had a few days at home (we were in St. Petersburg back then), I loved to head to the beach with hubby.

We found a secluded spot and had a little (lot!) of fun!