Sunday, January 29, 2017

Shelly Grab

Several of us in our group went out for dinner and drinks a few weeks ago.  I guess Shelly was ready to work off the calories!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I'm A Great Wife.....

Terrible blogger, but great wife!

Remember in 2012 when Shelly got some tickets to the Masters from her ex-husband and Shelly and my hubby went?  They were there for the par 3 contest that Wednesday and then for the first two rounds.

Yeah, well, I think I topped that this year.  The par 3 contest and all four rounds.  I know, I know, "Alex, tickets to the Masters are impossible to get for one day, let alone four!"

Well, let's just say that your girl Alex still has some kick-ass connections in the business world, and those kick-ass connections have their own kick-ass connections.  I wanted to do it last year, but none of my kick-ass connections worked!

Well, they came through this year, and although they cost a pretty penny (in fact, my purse was crying after the transaction), it was worth it.  Hubby and Shell-Bell deserve a nice golf sexcation.

I could say hubby will be seeing a lot of this during the Masters, but the truth is that he sees quite a bit of this gorgeous girl all the time!  So do I!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Quick Post

Hubby took years ago.  Time flies!  LOL

I was still traveling quite a bit back in those days, but when I had a few days at home (we were in St. Petersburg back then), I loved to head to the beach with hubby.

We found a secluded spot and had a little (lot!) of fun!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Hi Again!

I know, I know.....

Well over three years.  But I'm dusting off this blog and I'm going to give it another go!

For now, who will be the new coach of the Rams?  My poll is up!  If you think it'll be someone other than one of the options I've listed, just go ahead and leave it in the comments section of this post!

So what's been going on?

Well, a ton of work.  Hubby and I have really been fortunate to get a whole lot of work these past few years.  It's allowed us to reach the point where we can finally slow down and enter a semi-retirement phase of our lives.  We won't stop working altogether, of course.  We'll work enough to keep our health insurance (and not that shitty Affordable Care Act that everyone needs a fucking subsidy to actually afford) and to earn some extra scratch and enough to leave our IRAs and various retirement accounts untouched until we totally retire way down the road.

We want to really kick back and relax and enjoy ourselves.  And one way we've done that is to build our own vacation home in Northern AZ.

I've mentioned my hubby's friend Jim in the past.  He had that construction business and sold it a few years ago (hubby and I owned a small percentage of that business and were very lucky with our payout).

Jim and his wife Mindy then moved to northern AZ, where they had purchased several acres of land.  They build their dream house--it is FAB-U-LOUS-O--and after it was built, asked if we wanted to put up a house of our own there for when we come out to visit.

We thought that was a great idea.  But we decided to go pre-fab on it to cut costs and ordered a great four-bedroom cabin-type of house.  We've been out a few times and have loved it.

By the way, Ryan has never touched Mindy and Jim has never touched me.  They've seen us naked--it's how we all hit the hot tub and pool--many times and Mindy and I have been together many times.  We'd be down for a full swap--in fact, we get hot just talking about it--but the guys just can't cross that line.  We have had same-room sex, but it's never gotten any farther than that.

So.......about everybody else?

Well, Lori is still....Lori.  She's still happy and crazy and a huge part of our lives as is her husband, Ted (who is still making me VERY happy in bed).

Nick's still around.  He's still married and his wife knows.  That's another entry, though.

Jerry, my friend up north?  We haven't been able to get together as much as I'd like, but we've had some great hook-ups when he gets down to TN to check on business interests.

Drew and Delaney.....yeah, that's one of the topics I left you all hanging on.  I'm sorry about that.  I'll wrap that up soon.  But we are still seeing them and Drew's fucked every chick on who lives in our compound (for lack of a better word)--except for Janey.  Hubby's still fucking Delaney often, and she's also gotten it on with all the ladies here.

More later.......

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I'm Just So Bad.....

For neglecting my blog.  Bad, Alex!

Okay, so I'm not all THAT upset.....

So what's new?

Well, as for the first poll, I'm taking Luck.  As for the second poll, I think trading for Alex Smith was a great move.  KC did give up a lot with those two second round picks, but I think they might be able to trade down and recoup one of them.

So for the entry that's hanging around in limbo, our new friends Drew and Delaney.  I'm still working on that next entry.  It's coming up soon ("yeah, right, sure, whatever").

It's great being in a straight swap situation again with another "go to" couple.  We did this quite a bit when we first got together and always enjoyed it.  We're weird--we like watching each other go at it with somebody else.

Or maybe we're not weird, whatever.


I got to go to London a few weeks ago on business.  I don't have any playmates there, but I wouldn't have been in the mood, anyway.  Hubby had taken a stress test the previous week and the cardiologist called him a few days later.

He wanted my hubby to undergo a heart catherization to rule out any blockage.  It's a two-minute procedure (yeah, I know...that's wild), but I was scared out of my mind.  I was soooooooo close to hopping a plane, but Lori told me to stay put and that she'd go with him (CG ended up going along as well).  And Janey--who has years of medical experience--told me that even if they had to put a stent in, it was a very routine procedure (about five minutes) and that hubby was in no great danger.

But I was scared!  Anything can happen......

But all is good, thankfully!  The cardiologist found no blockage!  Wooooooohoooooooo!

Which is great, because even though he just turned 50, he's still got some poaching left in him.

Speaking of poaching......

I'm still getting together with both Nick and Jerry.  Jerry really needs to move to Georgia so I can get more quality time with him.  Luckily, Nick's close by in Marietta.  Lori and I have "threesomed" him a few times.  It's good when best friends can do things together (Nick, my husband, shopping, grabbing lunch, etc...).

Okay, that's it for now.  Not much of an update, but.....

Oh well!  That can't all be high quality entries!  Well, they could be...but aren't!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Drew and Delaney

Okay, so that new couple.....

When Nick wants to hook-up in Marietta, I drive down and we meet at our usual hotel.  And over this past summer, the same kid's been working at the desk every time I've gone down there.  Gorgeous guy.  22 years old.  

Lexie likey-likey.  

I had seen him here and there in the past.  But in June, he was there everytime I went there.

He knows what's going with Nick and I.  I would always get there early and get our room.  So naturally, after a few meetings, he kind of asked without asking if we were having an affair.  I said no, that we were just having sex.  That made him laugh.  Then I explained that hubby and I are open and all that.  I also explained that Nick had to be discreet and all.  He nodded, said he understood, and that his lips were sealed.

That's why the Go-Go's are still virgins, by the way.

Hey, shut up.  That joke is as funny today as it was in the early 1980s.

Turns out that he had picked up extra hours for his summer vacation and that's why I kept running into him.  That was cool.

So in late June, I was waiting in the lobby for Nick, who was running late (again, AHEM) and I started chatting with this kid.  He told me all about his girlfriend and how they had been dating since high school and all and he showed me her pic.  I showed him my hubby's pic and we chatted some more.  He and his girl are planning to get married when they finish college.

He started asking questions about our marriage.  You know, how we handle seeing the other with other people, all that.  I answered his questions and soon Mr. Late To Fuck Meet His Girlfriend pulled into the parking lot.  I scribbled down the urls for my blog and hubby's blog as well--just so he could get a peek behind the curtain, so to speak.

I went, gave Nick a good old fashioned fucking great time (I'm digging this new strike though feature; can't you tell?) and got one in return.  Then I went home.

Later that night, I got an email from Drew.  He wanted to know if I was coming back down to Marietta the following week.  I told him that I really wasn't sure when I'd be back.  I asked him why.

He wrote back that he and his girlfriend wanted to talk to me and ask some more questions.  I emailed him my cell number and told him to call me.  About an hour after I sent the email, he called.

We chatted for a few minutes and I asked him if he and his girlfriend (Delaney) wanted to come up to our place on Saturday for lunch and the four of us could just chat.  It was going to be a quiet Saturday around the house (for a change), as Mitzie and CG and Shelly and Janey would all be stuck in jail out.

Drew said he'd ask Delaney and let me know.  I went and told hubby and he was fine with it.  Soon, Drew called up and said that Saturday would be great.

The young couple arrived around one on Saturday and hubby ordered a couple of pizzas from Pizza Hut.

They told us that they loved our blogs and loved how we trusted each other and were very interested in pursuing a similar lifestyle.  Each had only had sex with one person--each other.  And since they had been together for six years, they wanted to experiment a little--and Delaney was very curious about licking some wet pussy experiencing the gentle touch of another woman (needless to say, I highly recommended it to her).

We advised them not to just jump into the deep end--they should start slowly.  We suggested same-room sex with another couple--or even just watching.  After that, they could see how they felt and if they wanted to go further.

And more next time.....

Thursday, October 4, 2012

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Thank you, Amanda, you sweetheart! You ain't too bad yourself! ;)

Oh man.  I really let the blog get away from me this time!  Since June 23rd?  Eeeeek!  So why the long period between entries?  Well, there was a ton of work I had to do AND I swam around the world.  I'll let you guess which one of those is a lie.

----I am soooooooo proud of Mitzie and CG! In June, they celebrated three years of happy cohabitation! We've loved having them live in that apartment above the garage, but we know that at some point, they'll have to leave. That will be a sad day, even if they just move a mile or two away. But they want a house of their own and hubby and I would really love for them to get something while the housing market is still down. But no rush. LOL

----I am soooooooooo excited! One of hubby's ex (and probably soon to be current) girlfriends, Teri, is moving to South Carolina soon! She'll only be a couple of hours away! Her husband works in retail and was promoted to a district manager position. It's a great opportunity for him, although he'll be doing a lot of traveling. So we're converting a room she can stay in while she visits. She's an actuary and does most of her work from home. So we're turning a spare room into a "work bedroom" for her.

I still haven't convinced her that deep down, she's bisexual, however. But I believe that one day I'll convince her. Maybe hypnosis will help her realize her true sexual orientation!

----Jim and Mindy are now taking trips to northern Arizona and looking for their dream house. Jim's company has been officially sold and he's going to go back to what he's always loved: working with his hands and doing small contracting jobs. Mindy will get a part-time nursing job, if she can.

Mindy's into girls as well as guys, and we've had some fun in the past.  I'd love to have some more in the future.  I'm pretty sure we will.

----Hubby and I have a new couple we're swapping with.  They both very young (both are 22 years old) but have been together for several years.  They're in college now and planning to get married after they graduate.

They are the nicest, sweetest couple.  Hubby and I have done ye ol' swap many times, but that, for the most part, was in the past.  It's great to be doing it again, though.  I love seeing hubby fuck another woman and having him watch me fuck another guy at the same time.  And happily, the young lady enjoys women (well, woman, as I'm her first chick), too.

I'm working on that entry.

----Actually, I guess technically, we have done the swap recently (aside from our new friends).  Lori's husband, Ted, has come up a couple of times and fucked me while hubby fucked Lori.  But it doesn't really feel like a swap--most of our sexual experiences with Lori don't involve her hubby, due to his work and outside interests (NASCAR, NASCAR, NASCAR, and, of course, NASCAR).  

----Ted's great in bed and I'm hoping he'll be making a lot more visits up with Lori.  I'm also planning on meeting him alone when our schedules line up.

----Again, accept my apologies for the time between entries.  My next post will be up very , very soon!